Why I Have A Duty to Defend My Confederate Ancestors

Imagine if you will for a moment your name, your reputation, your very character were being attacked on solely false and misleading information.

Would you defend your honor? Would you want to give your perspective of events? Would you want to provide evidence that counters the false claims against you?Would you want to be judged by your actual actions, words, motivations, and deeds?

As nearly all citizens who had ancestors in the United States for decades prior to the War of Northern Aggression both my family and my wife’s family has numerous ancestors who enlisted in either the Federal or Confederate forces. In fact I have two great Uncles whom faced each other at Gettysburg on opposing sides and were both wounded on the battlefield. Literally brother against brother. However, currently my ancestors who enlisted in the federal forces are not under attack. Our Confederate ancestors have been under attack since the war ended and continue today to be under constant and brutal attack. Why would I defend them?

  • I have several Confederate ancestors who honorably served their State and the men they commanded on the battlefield.
  • The actual reasons they enlisted in the Confederate Army are ignored and only a narrow and entirely negative perspective is presented concerning their character and their motivations.
  • There are and have been throughout the decades historians who defiantly disagree with the previously mentioned narrow and negative perspective.
  • I took a pledge: We, the posterity of the Officer Corps and civil officials of the Confederacy, do pledge ourselves to commemorate and honor the service of leadership these men rendered in the cause of the fundamental American principles of self-determination and states’ rights and to perpetuate the true history of their deeds for the edification of our-selves, our society, and for generations yet unborn

Modern “enlightened” men attempt to put words and meanings into the Confederate Soldier’s minds. However, the unedited words of the many available diaries and post war writings of our beloved ancestors provides the true motivations of these men. If you haven’t taken the time to access them, please do so. There are many available in digital form at no cost on the internet. Your local Chapter of the MOSB may be able to provide you access to a library of books and articles or from their personal collections as well as links to digital resources.

Attend your local Chapter meetings. At many of these meetings programs are delivered by knowledgeable and respected presenters. In these programs you will learn a great deal that is not taught in schools and as such the majority of the public has no knowledge of the truth. If you need help contacting a local Chapter reach out Contact Us and we will help facilitate a connection for you.

In summary, why do I believe we have a duty to defend our Confederate ancestors? They were deserving of the effort and they are not here to defend their good name. Remember the opening questions: If this was your reputation, your very character being attacked on false and misleading information, what would you do?

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