A Prayer for Perspective and Peace

We are living in troubling times. There are many who are struggling with anxiety, a fear of the unknown in our country, health concerns, financial concerns, family troubles, anger over the betrayal of our beloved ancestors and a host of other issues. In these times we should seek the presence of a higher power, a spiritual intervention in our lives. May the following prayer be an inspiration for your own that meets you needs and beliefs.

Gracious and merciful God. We ask you to be present with us in these troubling times. Our enemies seem empowered to move against us and our beloved ancestors. We ask that you would guide us to understanding, that we would see those moving against us and that we would even more clearly sense your presence and reassurance.

Banish all anxiety, all anger, all concerns from our conscious minds and bring a piece of knowing that you are with us even in those moments when we feel a sense of desperation and despair.

Strengthen our resolve and commitment to honor our beloved ancestors, the Confederate Officers Corp, elected government officials, and appointed government officials. Lest we forget their sacrifice, let us bring to mind those who perished in battle for the cause, those who perished or were held in horrendous conditions as prisoners of war, and those at home who suffered deprivations and hostilities from the hands of an unconstitutional occupying force. For the times and troubles they were in make ours pale in comparison.

For all that we ask, we offer our most humble and gracious thankfulness. Thank you for mercy, for forgiveness, and for love.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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