Small Town Support STRONG!

Our local Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp and Military Order of the Stars and Bars Chapter just wrapped up a joint informational, recruitment, and fundraising booth at an annual weekend event near our home town last night. It was a fantastic success in terms of each of the above mentioned areas of focus and very inspiring and re-energizing to those who worked the booth.

In today’s 24 hours a day media cycle we are constantly barraged with images and “news stories” that almost exclusively originate from high population urban centers of our individual states. Truly the majority that make the air are from likely less than a couple dozen or so of the largest cities across the country. Friends, compatriots, if you are allowing this small spattering of political and emotional driven drivel to form your impression of our country, let me encourage you to broaden your perspective. (Disclaimer….. we should indeed be greatly concerned with the narrative the media and these urban centers generate and the socialist state they are seemingly pushing our country towards.) However, small town America has no voice in the media and hasn’t yet had their turn to speak.

Let me share with you some highlights of our weekend.

  • We ran out of membership informational handouts and had to obtain more. These were all potential members.
  • Our Officer corp had dozens and dozens of people take business cards so they could have further contact with us
  • We sold a large number of raffle tickets and sold a significant number of confederate themed merchandise.
  • One young man shared with us an article he had written for a local paper on the role of Native American Indians in the Confederate cause. ( This location is not far from the Indian Territory of the war era).
  • We had one donation of $100.00 from a person who has no confederate ancestors ( his family was still in France at the time of the war) but appreciates and supports the work we do in marking graves and recognizing our gallant soldiers.
  • The support from the crowd was overwhelmingly in support of our cause whether they were interested in joining or not.

We have always had a very good reception at this and every other similar event we are able to attend, but this one was perhaps the strongest support for our beloved Southland and our Confederate ancestors. Take heart, do not be discouraged, be proud of who you are, what you represent, and where you come from. Small town America is on our side and is still very STRONG! Don’t ever forget for every large urban area there are hundreds of small towns just like the one we were in this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Small Town Support STRONG!

  1. A special THANK YOU to all our members that helped out this weekend. What a great job by all. It makes me proud to live in Southwest Missouri and see that our beloved Confederate Soldiers and Cause has not been forgotten. God Bless one and all.


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