Missouri Confederate Veterans Home Residents Remain in Peace

For over 100 years our beloved compatriots interred at the site of the former Missouri Confederate Veterans Home have laid in peace. They will remain at peace for another year.

Members of the Missouri Society MOSB were at various locations throughout the nation this weekend as several events important to our mission were being held. One of those events was the annual public meeting at the Confederate Memorial State Historic Site. On May 8, 1950, the last surviving Missouri Confederate soldier, Johnny Graves, died at the home at the age of 108. He was buried alongside 800 others in the site’s cemetery.

A magnificent memorial monument to our beloved Confederate dead is located at the cemetery site memorializing all Missourians who defended our home state, some estimated 40,000. The complete site is well over 100 acres and hosts fishing ponds, playgrounds, picnic areas, and meandering roads that can be walked throughout the large mature trees and beautifully maintained grounds.

The meeting is annual opportunity for the public to have input in future plans and receive a report on the previous year activities, projects, and achievements. Our members were represented by our leadership team attendees, as well as the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a number of citizens from various locations in the state, as well as several from the surrounding community. Various heads of the Missouri State Parks gave the presentations.

There were ideas shared that will enhance the site from the State Parks personnel and the public attendees. The resources of time and money are the limiting factors as in any government program. There are grants that have been solicited to fund programs to enhance the historic aspect of the site and tell the stories of the former home’s residents.

Many members of the public expressed heightened concerns for the security of the site as a recent “hit piece” in a large media publication spoke very negatively about the Historical Site’s website. State Parks personnel assured everyone that they were aware of that particular issue and closely monitored online platforms for potential issues, however, they believe the community they are in and the State Parks and local law enforcement agencies keep a very close eye on the entire location.

There were no attendees present to speak unfavorably towards the site. It is our belief that our beloved dead will rest at peace for another year and we will remain vigilant in our efforts to maintain that in perpetuity.

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