Christmas In Our Little Part of Dixie

As all Missouri Society, Military Order of the Stars and Bars Chapters normally do we celebrated Christmas (ours in a joint program with our Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp) last nite. While a wonderful evening of family,fellowship, recognition, door prizes, swearing in new members, a bountiful Southern meal and thanks for our many blessings this year were certainly highlights of the evening; we additionally took the time to conduct an Honor Roll Call ceremony. Those present represented ancestors whom served in every theater of the war. In the candlelight glow the following were remembered:

  • Pvt. Thomas Vaden Parnell Co. K, 11th Missouri Infantry
  • 1st Lt. Alfred Mack Bradley Co. E, 45th Reg. Arkansas Militia
  • Col. Edward Jeremiah Gurley 30th Texas Infantry
  • Pvt. Ferdinand McCalley Co. K, 37th Reg. 3rd Stonewall Brigade
  • Crouch Family of Bath County, KY
  • Capt. DK Rice Co. C, 1st Texas Infantry
  • Pvt. Thomas Henry Clay Co. H, 12th Texas Cavalry
  • Pvt. Jacob Hilliard Co. D, 7th Virginia Calvary
  • Pvt. Samuel F. Lawrence Co. F, 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles
  • Pvt. Jacob Bowman Co. E, 32nd North Carolina Infantry
  • 2nd Lt. James Robert Howard Co. A 8th Reg. Bat. of Arkansas Infantry
  • 2nd Lt. William H. Gwyn 41st Mississippi Infantry
  • Corp. William Jasper Trimble Co. H, 27th Arkansas Infantry
  • Pvt. Nathan Todd Co. C, 2nd Texas Infantry
  • Pvt. James Alexander King Co. B, 6th Missouri Infantry
  • Pvt. Emanuel Houston Mitchell Co. L, 3rd Kentucky Cavalry
  • 4th Corp. William Summers Moore Co. B, 4th Arkansas State Troops
  • Surgeon William Henery Robert 2nd Alabama
  • Brig. General John Marshall 4th Texas Infantry
  • Brig. General Joseph Lewis Hogg 3rd Texas Calvary
  • Lt. General Benjamin Morgan Hawkins 2nd Div., 5th Bat. Missouri State Gurad
  • Lt. General Ambrose Powell Hill 3rd Corps Army of Northern Virginia
  • Lt. General Leonidas Polk 2nd Corps Army of Tennessee
  • Lt. General Richard Taylor 9th Louisiana Tigers
  • General Robert E. Lee Commander Confederate States Forces

One thought on “Christmas In Our Little Part of Dixie

  1. A Blessed night was had by all!! Shall we never forget the sacrifices our Southern Ancestors made for family they would never know. Their blood flows thru each of us for the true cause of Southern independence. GOD BLESS our beloved SOUTHLAND!!


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