Real Grandson Recognized at Missouri Society Reunion

Real Grandson Darrel Cox receives his certificate and medal from the Missouri Society MOS&B

The Missouri Society, Military Order of the Stars and Bars had a rare opportunity at the annual joint reunion with the Missouri Division Sons of Confederate Veterans. One of the members of the Brig. Gen. Thomas Roe Freeman Chapter #311, Darrel Cox, was presented a MOS&B Real Grandson Award. The certificate and medal have been presented to descendants of Confederate soldiers who served honorably in the War for Southern Independence and through lineage can be proven to have been their Grandfather.

The immediate question most people would ask is; “don’t you mean great-grandfather?” The answer is no! He was his grandfather.

Jacob Theodore Hilliard enlisted as a private in Co. D, 7th Virginia Cavalry, 4/1/62 at Luray, Va. At the age of 17 years old. He served the Confederacy honorably throughout the conflict.

After the war Jacob Hilliard was married three times and fathered 21 children. He married the final time in 1902. The union of Jacob Hilliard and Sarah Jane Taylor (age 18) brought forth 10 children the last of 21 children a daughter, Dialthia Laura Hilliard, born Jan. 5, 1921 when Jacob was 76 years old. Jacob Hilliard passed in 1926 when Dialthia was 5 years old. Dialthia was told many stories of her father’s service and the challenges he faced after the war from her mother. Dialthia married Thomas Reed Cox Sr. on 2-14-1942 and from this blessed union a son, Darrel Cox was born.

The young age at enlistment and the unique age difference between Darrel’s grandfather and grandmother created the opportunity for a MOS&B Real Grandson Award to be awarded in 2021, 156 years after the recognized end of Northern war hostilities. The story only adds to the intrigue and the truly memorable opportunity.

The Lord bless you and keep you Darrel and the Missouri Society is extremely proud and honored to have you in our membership ranks.

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