Missouri Society Celebrates 160th Anniversary of Secession

The Missouri Society celebrated the 160th Anniversary of Missouri’s Secession Ordinance at the annual Missouri Society MOS&B and Missouri Division SCV Reunion and Business Meetings. The reunion was held in Neosho, MO a small town that normally wouldn’t get much attention. However, in 1860 when the Federal Army drove Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson from the Capitol by force; the elected officials were called into session at Neosho. The House of Representatives voted and approved the Missouri Ordinance of Secession in the Masonic Hall at Neosho. For this reason Neosho is known as the Confederate Secession Capital of Missouri. The reunion was held at the Civic Center just blocks away from the location where secession occurred.

The Friday night reception included a walking tour of downtown Neosho visiting several buildings and locations of significance to secession. A keynote presentation on The Charge to the Sons of Confederate Veterans and a lively social time afterwards concluded the evening.

Robert Edwards Presents The Charge

Saturday morning began with a Color Guard presenting our beloved flags as well as opening remarks and recognition of guests of honor. Recognition was bestowed on several State and National Officers of both the Military Order of the Stars and Bars, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and the National Society Daughters of CSA Officers Corps such as Missouri had ever seen in attendance. Mid-morning brought a Keynote Presentation on The Path to Missouri Secession, including a timeline of events leading to Secession in Neosho. This was followed by the Missouri Society Annual Business Meeting and a luncheon.

Several Different States and National MOS&B Officers

Saturday afternoon included the opportunity to visit two Neosho area historic homes. The culmination of the afternoon was a Confederate Memorial Ceremony at the location of a mass grave of Confederate soldiers. The location of the mass grave was marked by a monument in 1904 paid for by citizens of Neosho. The Brig. Gen. Thomas Roe Freeman MOS&B Chapter # 311 and the Campbell’s Company SCV Camp #2252 had additionally located 40 Confederate Veterans who rest in marked graves in the cemetery and had installed a Cross of Honor at each of their grave sites. An Honor Guard including a bagpiper would lend a special salute to the afternoon ceremonies.

Honor Guard and Mourners at mass grave Marker

Saturday night was the Grand Ball and Awards Ceremony at the Civic Center. It was the largest number of attendees to an Annual Reunion with 175 people arriving. The Civic Center was eloquently transformed into a Confederate Ballroom with flags hanging from the balcony and a lovely fiddle player greeting the attendees. Supper was served and a Keynote Presentation on the Exiled Missouri Government in Texas was well received by all.

The Civic Center Ballroom

The Reunion culminated on Sunday at the Big Spring Park in Neosho with a Vesper’s Devotional Service on a beautiful sunny day in the Missouri Ozarks. 

One thought on “Missouri Society Celebrates 160th Anniversary of Secession

  1. What a wonderful event this past April. Special thanks to Jeff Futhey, the Reunion Committee, members of Campbell’s Company Camp #2252, and the Freeman Chapter #311 for all their hardwork.

    The event was a success and enjoyed by members, friends, and guests both far and wide.

    Special thanks to Tim Charleston door his organizational skills and donation of both time and money.

    Jon Trent thank you for the article. It is a pleasure working with fine Southern Compatriots for the cause.


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