Missouri Society Welcomes New Chapter

Major Samuel S. Hildebrand

Approval has been granted to the Chapter Charter Application for a new MOS&B Chapter in Missouri. The Chapter will be located near Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. It will be named after Partisan Ranger Major Samuel S. Hildebrand. Chapter #314 will be given to this new Chapter. We believe the members will receive their Charter at the National MOS&B Reunion at College Station, Texas in July.

We are proud to have this 7th Chapter formed in the State of Missouri.Welcome brothers to the MOSB and the Missouri Society. We look forward to good things from your Chapter and working along side each of you to preserve our Southern History and the Confederate Soldiers and Statesman’s good name.

Sam Hildebrand, the legendary St. Francois County Missouri outlaw who allegedly killed more than 100 men during the Civil War was born Jan. 6, 1836, according to his marker in the Hampton Cemetery in Park Hills.

Hildebrand grew up in the area of Big River Mills in northern St. Francois County. He was part of a large family. A vigilante group killed his brother, Frank, for supposedly stealing a horse. The two responsible for killing Frank met death a short time later by Sam’s hand, according to the local myth.

In retaliation, Northern forces forced his family from their home and allegedly killed two more of his brothers and his uncle. After hearing about their deaths, he swore revenge and joined the Confederate forces.

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