New Missouri Society Genealogist Appointed

Missouri Society Genealogist
Richard Morton

With the appointment of our very own Missouri Society Genealogist W. Kevin Hawkins to the Genealogist General position on the International Military Order of the Stars and Bars staff, we have been looking for the right person to keep the momentum rolling on recruitment and assisting potential new members. It was very important to our members and new member applicants that a person with the right skills, abilities, knowledge and approach be recruited.

I am proud to announce that we had that person right in our own membership and he was gracious enough to offer his service and willing to accept the position.
My new appointment for the Missouri Society Genealogist position is Richard Morton of the Francis Marion Cockrell Chapter #84. Richard is experienced in genealogy research and is a member of several other organizations SCV, Sons of the American Revolution, and Order of Cincinnati, to mention just a few. Richard completed the genealogy research himself for all these organizations, which in itself demonstrates his determination and ability to accomplish the sometimes challenging research and documentation associated with the position. Welcome Richard, we look forward to the opportunity to work with you in your new appointment.

One thought on “New Missouri Society Genealogist Appointed

  1. Welcome and thank you for accepting this position for the Order. I know you will fit in with the other Officers and myself. You are a reuse Southern Gentleman.


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