Annual Reunion and Business Meeting Drawing Near

The names of the 10 who were murdered in Palmyra

The 2022 annual joint Missouri Society, Military Order of the Stars and Bars and Missouri Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion is nearly upon us. The dates are March 25-26 in Palmyra, MO. The Friday night Commanders Reception will be at the host hotel in Hannibal, MO however, all the rest of the meetings, speakers, and activities will be in Palmyra.

Palmyra is the location of the murder of 10 men on Saturday Oct. 18, 1862. The Palmyra Massacre was the last of the three “executions” that occurred in northeast Missouri during the fall of 1862, the others being at Kirksville in August and Macon in September. The Palmyra Massacre received international press attention and widespread condemnation. The Reunion weekend will include presentations and tours highlighting the important locations and the true story of the massacre. As always, there will be some special surprises at the event and you don’t want to miss this one!

Get registered if you haven’t already, and make it a point to learn about the Palmyra Massacre. So many of the atrocities committed against Southern sympathizing citizens of our State have never come to light and our history is no longer taught in most school systems today. We must be the ones to pass that knowledge on to our families and ensure the true history of Southron people in Missouri continues to be known.

The registration forms are available on the Missouri Division SCV webpage at

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